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Neurological Care

Many people in our society have suffered a brain or spinal injury and need assistance at home in order to live as comfortably as possible; especially following hospital discharge.  Complex Care is needed at this crucial time in a person’s life, following a brain injury and possible surgery. When a usual routine has been disrupted there needs to be a high level of sensitivity and patience and our carers are equipped to help in the very best way.

Sunshine Complex Care Team covers all health and complex social care needs for adults in the community. Our complex care coordination  team undertakes routine assessments and can provide packages of care to support people in maintaining their independence.  We intend:

•    To provide a comprehensive, integrated health and social care service to the local community
•    To deliver coordinated social care, occupational therapy and physiotherapy services
•    Links to other specialised services and agencies;  e.g. Housing , district community nursing,
•    To provide a timely re-ablement service

Nurse led care
Here at Sunshine Care we provide at home nursing-led complex care for anyone who has received a brain or spinal injury, and are here to help and enable during the entire rehabilitation process, whilst ensuring that an individual’s independence is preserved in every way possible.

Our health care assistants are trained to work in person-centred sensitive way and ensure that they listen attentively and adjust the level of care accordingly.

Support for Brain or Spinal Injury
Companionship is vital for someone who has undergone such a trauma in their lives. The disruption of a brain injury can be intense and isolation can occur; especially in situations where people are estranged from the workplace or family members. Recent research in brain injury support has shown that the right level of company boosts the recovery process and the inevitable depression and anxiety can be significantly reduced.

Our complex care staff  are selected from a group of enthusiastic caring, friendly people who have been inspired to care for those who have sustained a brain injury under any circumstance. One to one, person-centric caring, enables a person’s confidence and self esteem and can be a very real part of the healing process of the body and mind system.

Health professionals
As well as working in conjunction with family members and loved ones our nurse led carers keep in touch with G.P’s, social workers and other health care professionals to ensure that the person centred ethos is preserved. It is vitally important in our philosophy of care to ensure that those using our services are kept at the very centre of everything and are not patronised in any way that might threaten their well being.

Improvement Actions
We intend to make our community home care services flexible, responsive and enabling; to support people to remain at home with personal care, equipment and adaptations.  We will encourage flexibility through campaigning for  role blurring and role shadowing opportunities across professions, agencies and across care settings.

Unpaid carers play a vital role in supporting people living with long term conditions. We need to support their needs too ensuring access to education and leisure opportunities, and making sure they have the chance to work flexibly so as to combine work with their caring roles.

People we are helping
Peter is living with brain injury after care at home. He has received live-in care from Sunshine for some years now and is very happy with the service, which enables him to live at home and still keep a degree of independence. He loves to go the pub a couple of times a week and to visit the local gym and attend a computer course. For all of these activities Peter is accompanied by his male live-in carers.

Christopher Reeve and Richard Hammond’s stories have placed spinal injuries at the forefront of our minds over the past few years, and much media attention has raised awareness and charitable concern.

We have been reminded that people sustain injury at any time in their lives and the impact can be tremendous. . Much caring support is required as a person having sustained such an injury recovers equilibrium in their lives and re-establishes their patters as much as is possible. Following hospitalisation and the necessary surgery interventions, much sensitive empathic care is needed to preserve a person’s independence as much as possible.

In our care services at Sunshine we are honoured to support during such a process and can be available for respite care as well as for live at home care with a resident companion. We can also provide hourly care to alleviate others who are main carers.  Our carers are skilfully trained to assist wherever necessary, with hoisting, manoeuvring, personal care etc. for comfort. The care and support that we offer very often helps considerably, especially with the sensitive operation of recovering speech and an interest in life.

In some cases the injury is temporary, following a fall and so the care is short term. Encouragement is offered alongside whatever practical help whilst someone manages the recovery process. We are on hand to discuss these situations, and can easily visit you at home or in hospital for an assessment.

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