Our Nurse-Led Live in Carers

Nurse-Led Live in Carers in the UK

Nurse-led Live in Carers in the UK

Our team is professionally directed by our Director of Care, Susie Constantine.
A nurse-led care service for people suffering from complex health conditions.

Our home carers and Nurse Director of Care will consult with relevant health and social care professionals.  We use this coordinated approach to ensure that clinical and health risks are minimal.  We also have the specialist skills to support people who find it difficult to communicate, have emotional or behavioural issues and other cognitive conditions.  Our relationships with other professionals ensure that administration of medication and the management of pain is to a high standard.

Susie is a SRN qualified nurse, with over 35 years of experience in the field; and competent to deal with a myriad of situations and
conditions. She is keen to ensure that the highest values of professional nursing care are at the centre of all that we do. Excellence is our
goal and through monthly supervisions we ensure that our carers provide the very best service at all times.

Our Live-in-Carers
We are very proud of our carers. Many of them have been with Sunshine Care since the start in 1998. We attract and hire the best quality carers.  By demanding that candidates exhibit the required qualities such as compassion, good English-speaking skills, reliability and common sense, we unfortunately reject approximately 85% of candidates.  We also require the carers we employ to have had at least one year’s previous care experience working for a professional company.

Our continuous training policy ensures that we deliver the highest quality of nurse-led care possible. Our team is always up to date with all the latest health and safety issues with regard to medication, manual handling, infection control, dementia care, end of life care and nutrition.  Policies are available to carers online and are accessible by laptops, iPads, tablets and even mobile phones.  Every policy is updated on an annual basis at a minimum, or according to when legislation or NICE guidance changes.

We have a strong consistent base of carers that come from a variety of backgrounds. We have female and male carers available, many whom have their own transport. Each of them has their own particular personal talents and qualities, which are honed during training and supervision, and each of them has a particular specialism, so that we are able to suit the varying needs of those who engage our services.  Carer specialisms include peg-feeding, catheter and stoma care and complex continence needs. Tracheostomy clients, who are ventilator-dependent using closed suction systems, have transferred from hospital to home without problems.

In developing our services we have made numerous calls both by phone and in person to people who are using/have used our services to research exactly how people experience us. We have received many letters and emails of praise and approval and have taken note of any improvements that have been suggested.

Excellent Service

Our service is always of the highest standard possible.  To ensure positive care outcomes for hospital discharge circumstances, we will use post–discharge rehabilitation plans. Our carers currently assist people living with a variety of different health conditions:

  • Advanced dementia; including Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body syndrome
  • Parkinson’s
  • Huntington’s
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • End of life care needs
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Motor Neurone Disease

Carer Continuing Professional Development

Our CPD (continuing professional development) ensures that all our carers are trained to an excellent standard, firstly at our own training school, and then their skills and knowledge are developed through appropriate NVQ training and other educational opportunities. The career path of each individual carer is a priority for us, as we believe in the self-actualising process of each and every person, to the highest degree possible.

Our person-centred approach inspires us to ensure that our staff can always meet the changing needs of everyone concerned. They are kind, gentle, well rounded people who are flexible and able to adapt in the ever-changing world of care.

The care staff we will send to you will have had excellent training that meets the standards required by the Care Quality Commission.

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