Cost of a Live in Carer

Cost of Live in Care in the UK

Cost of Care at Home

Often the cost of home care is less than that of moving into a residential care home. Live-in care often offers so much more value than a care home. In contrast to residential care

fees, where a large cost is specifically allocated to accommodation and food rather than on one-to-one contact. This means that we will build a beneficial ‘bond’ between you and the home carer.

Also a home carer can be more cost-effective than standard hourly domiciliary care. As a result, many people who once were having hourly domiciliary care now purchase care. When we provide care for a couple, our charges work out considerably less than the costs of a care home. This is because you would be required to pay for two rooms or places in a care home; but one carer can look after two people.

Obviously, cost is not the only consideration. You will find the attention given to you or your loved one will be far greater. Overall you will enjoy a better quality of life with our home care service.

Cost of a Sunshine Care Live-in Carer

We offer a trusted care service completely tailored to your needs.

The level of companionship support, your basic care needs and any specialist care required, will determine the cost.

The cost for the 24-hour presence of a live-in carer start from:

  • from £1,068.00 per 56 hour week for a single person
  • from £1,255.00 per 56 hour week for a couple

Please call us today to get a quote for your specific care needs. One of our advisers may be able to give you an estimate. The final price for your live-in care will be confirmed once your regional care coordinator has visited you in person to fully assess your needs.

We may also give advice on accessing continuing healthcare funding with the NHS.

Home Care Packages

We build your care package with you so that you are in control. All your care and support needs are given consideration. We work in a person centred way so that each and every person is treated as the unique individual that they are.

We believe in providing care to the highest quality, which includes employing the best carers and office staff, and giving them all the support needed to provide that care. Our prices reflect that commitment.

However, the exact price can be given only when we carry out a care needs assessment. This is a completely free evaluation meeting held in person at your home or at hospital.  There are no strings attached.  If you choose another care company there is no cost to you for the care assessment.  We will be there for you should you change your mind.

It is obviously necessary for you to personally determine your budget. You can find support on different ways to finance the home care here on our website.

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