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As a Live in care introduction agency, Select Carers engages self-employed carers.  Select Carers are dedicated to helping people who require 24 hour home care by supplying fully trained and vetted carers to live with them.  Because we allow carers, registered with us, to stay for up to ten weeks at a time, the continuity of care is beneficial to our service users.

You choose a suitable and professional self-employed Living in Carer, who you pay directly yourself each week.

Each carer will have the knowledge and experience required to match the social needs, personality, health conditions and cultural background of your loved one.

Self-Employed Live in Carers

The carer is self-employed; and the client, (or their family), gives the care instructions to the carer. The role of the introductory care agency is to be an advisor to the client. The agency will offer advice and support on the setting up and management of the care service, but ultimately it is between the client and carer to decide the best course of action.  They will conduct reviews of the care delivery if requested by the client or care-seeker.

Because the live in carers work on a self-employed basis they will pay their own taxes, national insurance and be registered with HMRC. Carers are free to be registered with a number of agencies, and work for a number of different clients. The carer will be suitably trained to meet the need of the client, but won’t be under the direct supervision and control of the introduction agency.

The live in care agency will invoice you for an agency introduction fee which for Select Carers is 15%, (including VAT), of what you pay the carers each week.  Some introduction agencies will charge up to 25% and add VAT on top.  In return you have the reassurance that appropriate checks and training is in place.  Also the best introduction agencies will ensure that cover is provided if the care goes sick or needs a holiday.

Is a Managed Service or Introduction Agency better for me?

Managed services tend to be a lot more expensive, usually at least £200 a week more than introduction agencies, because their administrative overheads are higher. Managed Live in Care providers claim that they offer a better service as they are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and directly supervise the carers.

As the client is vulnerable, if they live alone with no relatives nearby, then a managed service may be best, especially if they have dementia. Employed carers are often restricted by the managed live in care agency to a limited number of hours each day.  Those who concentrate on good quality, like Sunshine Care, will check up on the practice of the carers at least every month.  They will also carry out regular care reviews throughout the year.

There are good and bad carers in both managed and introductory live in care agencies.  The quality of care really comes down to the quality of carers.

Self-employed carers are often have more experience, are more independent and feel capable to get on with things. They are usually better paid which can lead to a higher level of motivation.  They will have their own public liability insurance.

The best introduction agencies, like Select Carers, will ensure that the self-employed live in carers they introduce have had right-to work and identity checks.  They will have a current police check, (DBS); and will have supplied at least two professional references.

The training provided by Select Carers is comprehensive and includes the Care Certificate required by CQC, along with all mandatory training.

Select Carers are the best 24/7 Live in Care Provider and our 24 hour care service offers very good value for money. We operate only in the UK and attract carers who are based here with excellent English-speaking skills.  See

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